How To Migrate an Email List From Aweber To ConvertKit in a Few Easy Steps

Moving Email List from Aweber to ConvertKit:
If you have heard of Aweber but are still new to ConvertKit, I recommend you first read this post to give you an idea of how ConvertKit can improve your email marketing.
Here is an overview of the necessary steps:
Export the email list in .csv format on Aweber
Create a Está com problemas no seu relacionamento? quero meu marido de volta o que devo fazer te ajudaremos com este problema new tag with the same list name on ConvertKit
Import the list to ConvertKit & map the rows
Depending upon the size of your email list, it will take some time (potentially hours) to complete the entire process.
Firstly, login to your Aweber dashboard & click on “Manage Lists” at the top. Then, click on the list that you wish to export.

On the next page, click on Subscribers > Manage Subscribers.
You can start right away exporting your list from here.
But before you do that, I suggest you clean your email list. Remove those subscribers who haven’t interacted with your emails in the last few months. If you are sending out emails regularly, remove people with over 5-6 months of inactivity.

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